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September 24, 2002
Swindon, Gateway to the West

I'm still puzzling about what I should write in this journal, so please excuse a few days of delicious mundanities.

I have listed some potentially shocking revelations as follows:

1 Facts that reveal my identity
2 Facts that connect me with my work
3 Contentious, elitist or subjective observations about the world around me
4 Discussion on political, philosophical or religious themes
5 Intimate revelations about myself, my family and friends (amusing or inoffensive, or at least I think so)
6 Intimate revelations about myself, my family and friends that may cause offence
7 Depravities of thought and deed that I have never admitted

And that's only a draft list.

For example, did you know....?

So, to quell my fears, I've decided to start with entries that merely observe the day, reflect my mood and calm my nerves. This will doubtless lull me into a false sense of security, after which I will publish something I'll regret.

My fear, of course, isn't that of discovery - a few people know me as a "whole person", but of public discovery. Through this very mechanism of the Internet and my decision to write in this medium, I give you, the unbidden voyeur, permission to lift the net curtain and peek through the dusty window into my sordid life.

By the way, in the spirit of observation and open revelation, I was in Swindon today.

Posted by nathan at September 24, 2002 09:21 PM

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