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November 23, 2002
Out on the town

What a strange lunch! We went to a restaurant in Hackney for the birthday party / book launch of a friend of Alfred's. A most peculiar event.

We had cocktails (an Old Fashioned for me) and a pre-theatre supper with Erik at the Trafalgar Square hotel (well worthwhile, but don't stay in the hotel). The evening continued with a performance of "What the night is for" at the Comedy Theatre. The play was well performed - improving through the evening as Gillian Anderson (some televsion actress) discovered a rhythmn to her delivery. The topic, marital infidelity, was close to the knuckle and one could hear uncomfortable coughs and people shifiting in their seats throughout the performance. My main criticism was that, as so often in plays and films, the impact would have been greater had the play been cut by twenty minutes.

Erik and Alfred went off for a drink whilst I returned to Fawlty Towers to nurse my cold.

Posted by nathan at November 23, 2002 11:21 PM

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