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January 07, 2003
Anyone can whistle

As the sounds of preparation for this evil grow closer in the dark, it is left for us to wonder what hope there is for the world? Are we insane? Sleep walking towards annihilation? However much one reads or listens to the news, we are kept in the dark about the war which is being planned in our name.

Several friends have criticised my abhorrence of this disgusting display of militarism. They ask "how can you rail against our leaders who are only trying to curtail another tyrant"?

And yet one must despair at the blatant display of two-facedness. Where is our effort in the Middle East, what about North Korea? Are my concerns just cynicism and lack of trust in our saintly leaders?

There was even an article on Radio 4 about the benefit that war brings to the British economy. Madness, madness.

Roy Jenkins died on Sunday. His political views were never my style, but his integrity and bravery in setting up the SDP were an inspiration to all of us. I grew up in the 80's and remember the "gang of four" as they set out to change the structure of British politics. Who knows whether we can "thank" them for "new" Labour. At least they were true to their ideals. It is said that Blair relied on Jenkins' advice in the period from his accession to the party leadership until sometime near the end of his first term as Prime Minister. Jenkins was certainly more openly critical of the government after the 2002 election. If only the Conservatives could similarly face up to their internal divisions and develop itself into two new parties. For otherwise we are condemned to continued rule by this bumbling bunch.

Posted by nathan at January 7, 2003 07:42 PM

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