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February 05, 2003
Airport lounger

Sitting in the airport at Geneva. I just want to get home. Iím working such long hours for customers who Iím sure are quite happy but really donít demand such dedication. On this trip, I got up at 03:00 on Monday morning to catch an 06:30 aeroplane to Geneva. Iíve worked each day from early until late and now Iím hanging around in the airport terminal because I decided to take the 21:55 (yes) plane back to the UK instead of the 17:30. Then tomorrow morning I have my first meeting at 08:00, leaving very little time to sleep and recover. Why do I push myself so hard? And now I see the planeís been delayed to 22:20. Marvellous.

I had lunch in the ďglass boxĒ today Ė all the talk was of war. It was made more interesting by the divergent viewpoints and mixed nationalities of the people in the conversation. Me (the Brit), a German, French, Spanish, and a French Eurocrat (but a pleasant bloke for all that).

Posted by nathan at February 5, 2003 11:59 PM

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